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    Reba McEntire Winterland Tour 1992 T Shirt

    Another day of course you can walk towards Golgotha, to where there is a church, where Jesus was crucified. The Reba McEntire Winterland Tour 1992 T Shirt is rather depressing although interesting, because there is no real memory except in the hearts of Christians of the sacred man who trod these streets. Its all bazaars, open air stalls, people selling everything under the sun including crowns of thorns souvenirs. This area, we’d recall as where Jesus fell, as he carried his cross. We went to the Garden of Gethsemane (probably my favorite place in Jerusalem) and of course there is a church inside the gates. I didn’t go in the church but sat on a bench just soaking in the atmosphere of the ancient Olive tree I was told by a sign was an offshoot of one from Jesus time. The Jewish tour guide lady told us if we wanted to go to Bethlehem (which I did, which Christian wouldn’t???) that she could not accompany us because only Palestinians can go there through the check point. But our bus driver we came to really enjoy on this tour, accompanied and drove us. The “catch” was that this tour guide was getting a partial commission of everything we spent in the only huge gift shop in Bethlehem run by Christians (Coptics I think) …in the town. I didn’t buy and felt aggrieved, but it was the only way she’d arrange it for us. Of course many did buy the lovely carved mangers, etc out of olive wood. Nearby on these small Bethlehem Streets at night is the ancient “Church of the Nativity” probably the only church I entered on that trip and loved being in. There are all sorts of cubbyholes or areas which are run by different Christian priests like Ethiopians (I think they have the roof top), Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Syrian, etc. So a really eclectic place. Its also from the time of Queen Helena, so the doorway is teeny-tiny, where someone would get off their horse I was told to enter. The same was built into the Aga Sophia in Istanbul (Constantinople then).

    Reba McEntire Winterland Tour 1992 T Shirt(Reba McEntire Winterland Tour 1992 T Shirt)

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